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RainCaper Kandinsky Circles Reverse Umbrella

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Going places? RainCaper has you covered. Enjoy functional art with a reverse-opening stick umbrella – hands-free operation lets you talk, text and travel in style. Brighten any day with color –Kandinsky’s color study Circles plays shapes and vibrant colors to makes a splash. Drizzle or downpour show your true colors with a KandinskyCirclesreverse umbrella; the double canopy displays the colorful artwork on both the top and interior of the inside-out umbrella. The inverted umbrella double canopy won’t snag hair; you look radiant from any point of view. The unique construction captures rain to keep cars and floors dry. Free-standing umbrella design eliminates the need for an umbrella stand. A must-have accessory for museum patrons; matches the KandinskyCircles RainCaper travel cape. Warning: Repels rain; attracts attention!