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RainCaper Moonet Waterlilies Reversable Umbrella

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Wherever you go you're set . Enjoy art with a purpose .......a reverse-opening umbrella – hands-free operation lets you talk, text and travel in style. Known for landscapes of water and reflection, Claude Monet’s Water Lilies are iconic Impressionist images. Make an impression in any weather with a Monet Water Lilies reverse umbrella; a double canopy displays artwork on both the top and interior of the inside-out umbrella. The Monet Water Lilies print is carefully adapted and true to the original art in the Collection of The Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, NY. The inverted umbrella double canopies won’t snag hair; you look great from any point of view. The unique construction captures rain to keep cars and floors dry. Free-standing umbrella design eliminates the need for an umbrella stand. Warning: Repels rain; attracts attention!