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Stella Valle His & Hers Bracelets

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Your love is unique, strong, and will stand the test of time. Looking for a special gift for your spouse of your anniversary? Stumped on what to give your better half on mothers/fathers day? Give one, keep one; His bracelet is top half of the circle and Hers bracelet is bottom half of the circle. HIS: Black rhodium plated brass 7.5" half circle shape cuff with approximately 1.5" opening HERS: 18K Gold plated brass 6.5" half circle shape cuff with approximately 1" opening Drawing from their background as U.S. Army officers, Paige and Ashley, the sister-duo behind the jewelry collection Stella Valle, create unique pieces with a tough and chic design sensibility. Their designs portray the feminine strength that helped them to pursue their dream in fashion despite unusual backgrounds in the military.